It makes a big difference to see the people you are talking to. We’ve found a greater sense of trust and commitment between our partners since using the technology. If someone commits to a deadline, you are more apt to get it if you see them face-to-face. It’s a real stress reducer!

Tom Covington
VP of Marketing, Pinnacle Engines

NEXT GENERATION VIDEO CONFERENCING: Boosting the Productivity of Today’s Decentralized Workforce

Put a face to a voice

Add facial expression and emotion to really get your message across

Did you know facial expressions and body language account for over 50% of the full content
and impact of a message?

Some professional contexts such as HR interviews, medical diagnosis and board meetings require face-to-face meetings with employees, customers or patients. However due to time and financial constraints, an on-site visit isn’t always possible.

Thanks to video conferencing you can put a face to a name and voice and really get your message across the way you intend it.

ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo is a new generation of video conferencing

Accessible via a simple Internet connection and hosted by Arkadin in the Cloud, it delivers major benefits:

  • Increased impact of your communication with virtual face-to-face meetings
  • Fast user adoption thanks to a web-based intuitive interface
  • High productivity and mobility of your entire workforce
  • Reduction of operational costs as a low infrastructure investment is required
ArkadinVideo HD Desktop
Personal, online video conferencing
  • For any desktop or mobile connected to the Internet
  • Available on the move over 3G/4G or WIFI
  • Reservationless video conferencing for everyday use
  • For one-to-one or multiple participant meetings
  • Daily IP video communication to reduce telco and travel costs
  • Hosted on Arkadin's Private Cloud Platform, delivering the security that free P2P solutions lack
ArkadinVideo HD Room
Connect your meeting rooms to the world
  • Best-in-class equipment, optimised for video conferencing: video box, camera and speakerphones
  • Simultaneously connect to both other rooms and desktop users
  • Compatible with existing (legacy) video room systems
  • Exclusive and comfortable environment for your meetings
  • Arkadin Professional Services support for your global deployments
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